Knowing that the personality of a child is determined by his/her foundation, Agape Bundles is styled to give the young ones a sense of Home, an environment to stimulate their senses and give them the motherly care that will make them blossom like flowers in their due season. It is designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 3 months to 10 years and in the after school service 3yrs to 12yrs. It is said that the experiences of a child between birth and age 6 cements the foundation for later development, this is why Agape Bundles is set up to make the best of their early years and create an atmosphere that promotes the wellbeing of children as well as provide a solid foundation for their future and sound qualitative education.

Today Agape Bundles is considered a unique school and is known to have brought COMFORT to the doorstep of families, Whose minds are at peace knowing that their bundles are lovingly cared for and developed in a first class, warm, attractive and conducive environment by God fearing professionals. We make childhood a pleasant and memorable experience “NO CHILDHOOD WITHOUT THE AGAPE EXPERIENCE” KLIM Keep love in Mind

Barr Mrs. Jennifer .K.Okoli dared to dream of a home where children can be kept safe, healthy, developed mentally and socially and also given a foundation for their education, without loosing the value of their formative years.

Being a dotting and devoted mum she knows that a mother's love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible in the words of marion.C.Garretty and so she answered the call of the almighty God to set up this ministry to protect God’s bundles from the prevailing ills in our society today, hence the name "AGAPE BUNDLES"

To the glory of God this dream became a reality when Agape Bundles was launched by pastor Noruwa Edokpolor of the Redeemed Christian church of God and other men of God like Pastor Joseph Dipo.

Her first intake was a child for after school services (Sophia Abel ) and a month later 2 sisters (Kikun 6 months and Adura 18 months) joined the school with 3 dedicated staff : miss Ema Ettah-Omini, Miss Eunice Aidenyan and Miss Omolola Omiyale. Since then Agape Bundles has continuously met the needs of children and also parents who want a comfortable home for their children where they are sure they are well careed for and developed positively while they can pursue their career.


"Personality is fixed from childhood", so we are poised in restoring family values and fear of the lord to todays' children for a better tomorrow.


To promote Health, Happiness, Safety and welfare of all children and protect them from all kinds of harm and abuses besides giving them love and sound foundation for their Education


In providing a solid Educational foundation for the child, we pledge to love the child, Guarantee peace for the heart of the parent and Joy for Us all


The fear of the Most High God
(KLIM) Keep love in mind