• Fear of the most high God
  • Security and Safety for your Child
  • Early Childhood Education Programmes
  • Excellent Facilities and Resource
  • Balanced Nutritious Meal
  • A Happy Relaxed Environment
  • Individual Treatment of Every Child
  • Parental Involvement
  • High Hygienic Standards


    "Personality is fixed from childhood", so we are poised in restoring family values and fear of the lord to todays' children for a better tomorrow.


    To promote Health, Happiness, Safety and welfare of all children and protect them from all kinds of harm and abuses besides giving them love and sound foundation for their Education


    In providing a solid Educational foundation for the child, we pledge to love the child, Guarantee peace for the heart of the parent and Joy for Us all


    The fear of the Most High God
    (KLIM) Keep love in mind