Our playgroup and reception classes are for children between the ages of 1year to 4years and the nursery is for children from 4yrs to 5yrs. Children are introduced to a wide variety of stimulative Montessori activities, these activities make learning new skills enjoyable for children and also enhances their educational ability.

All classrooms are tastefully furnished with Montessori and early education materials which help in the social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual and physiscal development of the child. 

Imaginative play: children love to dress up and play roles e.g. Mummy, Daddy, Pastor, Nurse doctor, patient, shop keeper etc.
Books: we provide a wide range of books that are accessible at all times to children.
Sand and Water: it helps children relieve tension, has a soothing effect and helps children pour accurately. 
Paint: Painting is creative and expressive for children, we provide non toxic paint.
Music and movement: we encourage them to move different parts of the body to music.
Physical play: We allocate time daily to enjoy physical play, indoors and outdoors.
Art and craft : children explore different materials and tools to play
Time: Hour of operation 8am to 6pm daily, extended care(5:30am to 10pm).